Fundraising Letters and Award Nominations

Sandra Shelley writes fundraising letters to individuals and corporations on behalf of the Robert and Mary Anderson Charitable Organization, a small non-profit that provides rice, clothing, and computers, as well as medical assistance and educational scholarships to needy individuals and organizations in Liberia.  She has also submitted applications that resulted in a “Point of Light” recognition for the organization and a YWCA of Greater Richmond “Outstanding Woman” award for the founder.  Please click on image to view most recent letter.

Photo credit: Comfort Y. Anderson-Miller

Creative Writing Workshop

In Summer 2008, Sandra Shelley taught a creative writing workshop to fourth and fifth grade students at the Peter Paul Development Center.  The outreach and community center serves children from an inner-city Richmond community that is one of the ten poorest in the nation.  The stories and artwork created in her workshop were collected into a journal for the children and their families.  Please click on image to view sample pages from the journal.

Photo credit: Sandra Shelley

Grantwriting and Research

Sandra Shelley has conducted grantwriting and research for a number of non-profits, including Virginia Commonwealth University’s First Novelist Award, the William Byrd Community House, Jake’s Reindeer Race, and the Billy Austin Sidewalk Project.

Photo credit: VCU First Novelist Award

Billy Austin Sidewalk Project

Billy Austin had a dream for a safe route to Maymont Park.  But the quadriplegic, who uses a computer to speak, needed help.  Sandra McKinnon Shelley joined other volunteers in establishing the Billy Austin Sidewalk Project.  As co-chair of the project, she helped shepherd the project through city, state, and federal agencies.  The project raised $123,000 through private donations and a successful federal grant application, which she helped write.  To support the grant application, she gathered letters of support from senators, congressmen, and other officials.  The result was the construction of an accessible sidewalk linking the Virginia Home, a nursing facility for adults with severe physical disabilities, and Maymont Park.  Please click on image to view sample pages from the grant.

Fiction: Leap of Faith

Jake Mulray had moved out suddenly from his apartment, but his mail continued to arrive.  The letters might have gone unnoticed, had the new tenant not been a single woman, lonely enough to take an interest.  This story by Sandra C. McKinnon (a.k.a. Shelley) was published in HandHeld Crime, an online literary magazine dedicated to mystery short stories, articles, and reviews.  Please click on image to read story.

Photo Credit: The Big Combo ( in public domain)