Easter Postcard

The serenity of a rainbow reflected on a still lake inspired two members of Forest Hill Presbyterian Church.  Their story was shared with others through this postcard, part of a direct mail campaign conceived and written by Sandra Shelley.  Please click on image to view postcard.

Christmas Postcard

Church members enjoyed their pastor’s sermons, but wanted others to hear them.  Writer Sandra Shelley extracted stories from the pastor’s sermons and featured them in this series of postcards, which were sent to neighbors of Forest Hill Presbyterian Church from 2005-2006.  Please click on image to view sample.

Lenten Easter Postcard

People drove by it every day, but rarely came inside.  Forest Hill Presbyterian Church sought to change that through its first-ever direct mail campaign.   Sandra Shelley created the concept and copy for the campaign, and oversaw its production.   Please click on image to view postcard.