National WWII Museum

world war II museumEvery day after work, Dr. Nick Mueller used to stop by the home of his friend, noted historian Dr. Stephen Ambrose.  They’d have a glass of sherry, said Mueller, “and we would cook up our schemes.”  Please click on the image to learn how one of those “schemes” grew into the National World War II Museum in this article.  (Photo credit: National World War II Museum).

blondie sells swiffer

One day, a mother of two heard a Blondie song on a commercial for Swiffer.  Stunned, she realized that Madison Avenue now viewed her as the target audience for household cleaning products.  In her blog, Sandra Shelley admits that she spends more time cleaning her house than she ever thought she would. But, she says, there’s more to growing up in the ’70s and ’80s–and raising children in the ’00s and ’10s–than could ever be captured by a 30-second ad.  Read more at