blondie sells swiffer

One day, a mother of two heard a Blondie song on a commercial for Swiffer.  Stunned, she realized that Madison Avenue now viewed her as the target audience for household cleaning products.  In her blog, Sandra Shelley admits that she spends more time cleaning her house than she ever thought she would. But, she says, there’s more to growing up in the ’70s and ’80s–and raising children in the ’00s and ’10s–than could ever be captured by a 30-second ad.  Read more at

The Killing Fields

The desert outside Lokichogio, Kenya is littered with animal carcasses from an unrelenting drought.  As officials survey the area, two young girls show up out of nowhere.  They are the last survivors of a small, desperate party.  Learn more about their story and the part of Kenya known as the “killing fields” in this article, written for ChildWorld by Sandra Shelley.  Please click on image to view story.

Photo credit: ChildFund International

CCF Annual Report

CCF 1999 Annual Report“Warning: what you are about to hear is shocking.”  So begins the opening of this international child relief agency’s annual report.  While there is much shocking about the condition in which many children around the world live, there is also hope.  Sandra Shelley wrote an introduction and 40 country profiles, and also helped draft the welcome letters for this annual report.  Please click on image to view sample pages.

Photo credit: ChildFund International (formerly Christian Children’s Fund)

L.A. Sponsors Article

Learn about a laid-back couple from L.A. and their sponsored child “Dino” in Brazil in this article written by Sandra ShelleyThe article appeared in ChildWorld, the newsletter for sponsors and supporters of ChildFund International (formerly Christian Children’s Fund).  Please click on image to view article.

Photo credit: ChildFund International

Fiction: Leap of Faith

Jake Mulray had moved out suddenly from his apartment, but his mail continued to arrive.  The letters might have gone unnoticed, had the new tenant not been a single woman, lonely enough to take an interest.  This story by Sandra C. McKinnon (a.k.a. Shelley) was published in HandHeld Crime, an online literary magazine dedicated to mystery short stories, articles, and reviews.  Please click on image to read story.

Photo Credit: The Big Combo ( in public domain)